Before last night, I've only had one food in my life induce an immediate gag reaction and that is scallops. I just can't get them down. And if they're hidden in something, I get them down and then feel nauseous.

Last night I had a violent reaction to anchovies. I've eaten them since I was a kid. I hadn't eaten them in awhile because locally they only come in cans not labelled BPA-free. I found them in jars. I put a fork in the jar and put some on a piece of cheese. Yum, chew, swallow. And honestly, fewer than 15 seconds later, I was vomiting. I tried some by itself to see if it was the anchovy, and again, no repulsion on the taste, but an almost immediate vomit reaction. I tried a piece of the cheese to see if maybe I had a stomach bug, and the cheese went down fine.

WTF? Can anyone figure what's going on? I am by no means a fussy eater. I love all kinds of nasty, stinky fish, cheeses, etc. Is it possible to develop a food allergy or reaction this late in life? The "use by" date 2015 on the product, and I've eaten this brand before.