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Thread: Pasture Raised Pork

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    Sorry I wasn't clear, I know pigs are omnivores and eat a variety of foods, and that pasture raised pigs don't subsist on grass. My question is as follows: is there a more 'primal' feed out there MDA folk want to see their pasture raised pigs eating or is this about as good as it gets. I thought I saw a post about discarded coconut husk or sweet potato feed pigs...
    Yes pigs are omnivores, and protein supplementation is pretty standard. You can ask around to find a pig farmer who doesn't supplement with soy, if that's where your concerns lie. Or find out if their soy is non-GMO. Some use whey protein. But most use soy because its cheap. We opted to buy from a local family farmer that raises good quality pigs conventionally, simply because the pasture raised, heritage breed, no-soy, organic fed pigs at the farm down road are 3x the price.
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    Our Mulefoot hogs are pastured but they also get supplemental feed, veggies, fresh farm eggs, etc. We'd like to grow a veggie garden specifically for them, but that is a future project (husband's grandfather grew rutabagas for his pigs). We recently processed two boars (minimal stress having the kill done on the farm) and the fat and meat are fabulous. I render my own lard from our hogs and it has never tasted "porky" nor is it yellow as you may get from a corn-fed hog.

    We are scaling back on our the number of hogs we have on the farm as we want to provide better pasture and foraging space...that requires fencing/paddocks to rotate them around. We want to do right by the they'll do right by us!

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    All the breeds mentioned in Mark's article today are breeds raised by U.S. CAFO farms. It was said they naturally gained weight (and fat) quickly.

    But think of pictures of wild boars you've seen. They're not particularly fat. Our pigs sure are. Most pigs are slaughtered at 3 months and 100 - 130 lbs. A sow, 6-9 months old, will weight over 600 lbs, and she's so heavy she can hardly walk. So, you wouldn't want a U.S. breed.

    There are 1 or 2 breeds in Eng. and/or EURO that are less 'adapted' to CAFO. I've seen pictures but don't remember their names. So - if you had some of these omnivors, what would they eat. Meat, fish, leaves, roots and fruit, just like us. Maybe you'd have to also raise rats and let them loose in the pig pastures. (They could spend a day in my back yard to eat gophers.) Fish meal could be supplemented, and lots of the kitchen's leftovers. Do pigs eat snakes? We have lots of those also.
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