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Thread: 16 year old hunter-gatherer

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    16 year old hunter-gatherer

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    Hello all,
    my name is Adrian, im 16 years old. I come from Poland.
    I started my paleo jurney about 4 months ago. Before that time, I fought anorexia and thanks to paleothic diet I won this war. Things were really messed up. I used to be really really underweight and had a lot of problems with my health. But now it is quite ok I enjoy every day of my life, in three weeks I'm going to finish school with awesome marks and all test passed. Also, I'm going to search for a good high school and travel around Europe.
    My personality is really awkward. I have a very close relationship with my parents, who I adore. My friends are very close to me, but there aren't many of them. I love books, I can read them for hours and hours. My favourite book writer is Arturo Pérez-Reverte =)
    After switching onto paelo diet I gained weight, but it seems to be mainly muscle. I have now a lot of energy, I exercise every day for about one hour and I really enjoy my meals. I also noticed that my skin is in much better condition, I sleep better and have no problems with my stomach. I still have a lot to learn, but I'm not afraid of fat anymore and I'm really thankful to all people on this forum, which I read often.
    Thank you and I hope we will have good time here =)


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    Hi Adrian,
    Great to hear you managed to heal from anorexia and primal living is so good for you.
    I discovered primal a lot later in life and love it, you will have an advantage starting so young.
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