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Thread: The rest of us

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    The rest of us

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    Primal isn't for everyone. It can't be - there are simply too many of us! 7.1 billion and growing. It'll be over 8 when I go to retire. Most of this population lives in material poverty, and most live in sustenance poverty too, sustaining themselves on a cup of rice here, some scrounged roots there.

    Let's cut to the chase, the uncomfortable bits: Most of us have got to go.

    Sure, we produce enough food to feed 12 billion they say, and most simply lack the money to purchase it.

    But we all know food isn't food. What is this 5 billion people worth of excess made of? Further, what is the 7 billion people worth of "enough" made of? Grains, mostly. I'd be willing to bet.

    Semi-Voluntary one child policy has failed in China.

    Our desire for superficial "innovation" has created a dearth of employment opportunities in the developed world. In the old days, when Rome ruled in the West, a glut of urban population stimulated conquest for more land so the disenfranchised could be established on farms. Later on in their history, arable land was bought up and consolidated in the Latifundia system - superfarms. These focused on cash crops, mostly, like olive and wine and did not produce the food people needed - export was the aim. Similar things occur today and, like then, it's too hard to resettle "surplus" people onto productive farmland, at least in America. Too few want to, anyways. It is very hard work, and you'll be in material poverty. I don't know about the rest of the world.

    Anyways, what do you imagine we are going to do about all the extra people? Let a Malthusian event take care of it? Strict 1/2 or 1/3 child policies enforced with mutli-national military expeditions? Genetic engineering and offensive propoganda campaigns to usher in a new era of genderless mankind? Males are out and out obsolete as a gender (no, really, there's quite enough sperm in banks alone, let alone fully viable synthetic sperm).

    Space exodus is actually much more far-fetched than you'd think.

    And I say the "rest of us" because when the future calls, I'm not invited. I have no unique or special talents. I'm a 25 year old intern for goodness sake.

    How will you act to usher in a better future?

    Contemplate it. Discuss it.


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    Cannibalism would be the most efficient, though I don't know what the omega3-to-6 ratio is on that.

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    Read Dan Brown's Inferno recently?

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    40 years ago we had a ZPG mentality in this country. We were willing to help other countries achieve population stability through economic growth, women's reproductive rights, and voluntary access to birth control. Then Reagan brought in the Christian right and the concept of reproductive responsibility became a dirty word. We have spent more than a generation trying to make it as hard as possible for people in this country and around the world to make choices many would make if they were not obstructed from them.

    This can change. But it is hardly an accident we are in the position we are in now.

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