My whole family have been paleo for 3-4 years. I'm pretty healthy and would be slimmer if I didn't cheat. My kids are little bronzed walls of rippling muscle. But my poor husband, who is much more restrained than me, is still stuck at 250lb. I think his system is pretty shot - he was a veggie for nearly 20 years, and not the kind who makes themselves lovely lentil stews - we're talking major bread and pasta intake. PLUS in his formative years he worked full-time at Pizza Hut.
He now eats mainly meat - lamb chops and steak, bacon and eggs. He has milk in his tea and occasional cheese and cream, but not excessive. He eats a few nuts but no fruit. Some veg but not loads. The odd beer. He is 45 and is the primary carer of our three children (including a toddler) and his 88-year-old mother so doesn't have a lot of time for gym etc, but he does walk a lot on the school run and so on. He's scared of weights because he slipped a disc last year.
Is this it for him? Is he destined to be 250lb forever? Clearly carb control alone is not working for him. I suppose he could get his carbs a bit lower but I don't believe it would be sustainable. It's already a tough regime. Should he do calorie control? Would he be able to keep it off?
He hates being so fat, hates his gut, feels ashamed and judged. Any help or advice, people? I love him and I want him to be happy and healthy.