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Thread: Which CC routine to go with current training

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    Which CC routine to go with current training

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    I currently do Krav Maga Monday & Thursday evenings but want some additional strength training. CC seems to be a good option but not sure wether to go for new blood (Tuesday & Friday) or good behaviour (Tuesday, Friday & Sunday) my only other exercise is walking the dog. Also I didn't know wether one additional day of sprints may be beneficial


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    You sound like you're doing my program from a couple years ago. My advice is to not worry quite so much about what the book says for two or three days per week. Pick one, try it out for a while. If you aren't recovering, you'll feel like crap. If you are recovering, you'll want to do more. As you progress you may need to adjust.

    Sprinting once a week is a great idea, especially for the leg strength aspect of it. Krav will give you a fair amount of high-intensity cardio efforts, so you may not need it, but stronger legs are awesome- it'll help your punching, kicking, and movement.

    Again, all of this depends on how well you are recovering. When I first started CC, I was doing a workout every day, basically, plus krav three times a week. I couldn't maintain that as I progressed in CC, so I had to drop down to just a couple of times a week, even though my progress slowed significantly.

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