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    craving rice

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    I've never cared much for plain rice. I probably eat around 80-100g carbs a day in pumpkin/squash/fermented rice pancakes/banana pancakes, etc.

    Since last week, I've been craving rice. In the past when I do have rice, I never have more than 1 cup a day. The past few days, I can easily eat 2 cups a meal. I don't feel like meat (I used to crave red meat all the time).

    I cook the rice in bone broth to make it tastier and more nutritious.

    Besides rice, I'm eating egg yolks (4-5 a day), fish or meat, and a lot of coconut meat, coconut milk, coconut oil. Vegetables include tomato, onion, pumpkin, carrot.

    I'm female, 31, consume around 1900-2200 cals a day. Kind of sedentary since starting a new job.

    Just wondering what's going on!

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    Have you increased your exercise...especially weight can crave carbs just need to increase your calorie intake

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