Hello everyone,

After reading Mark's article here about sweet potatoes:

The Difference Between Yams and Sweet Potatoes | Mark's Daily Apple

I decided to try and find some purple sweet potatoes. There are only 3 stores in my area (Austin, TX) I know of that carry them (2 Asian supermarkets and a regional chain that competes with Whole Foods). I keep running into two problems:

1. There is no consistent and/or precise naming scheme for purple sweet potatoes. I have seen the following labels at different times at different stores:

- purple sweet potato
- purple yam
- Okinawan purple sweet potato
- Stokes' purple sweet potato

2. I have purchased purple sweet potatoes from each of the 3 stores sold under each of the labels above, and all of them have been very dry and bland-tasting, just as Mark described in the article:

"Thereís another variety that looks extremely similar but has a lightly violet interior streaked with white. Itís starchier and far drier than the Okinawans, and it doesnít taste nearly as good."

Clearly the ones I bought that were labeled "Okinawan purple sweet potato" were mislabeled.

Has anyone been able to find the purple sweet potatoes that Mark describes in the article:

"They are white skinned with a deep, brilliant purple interior that becomes velvety smooth and incredibly sweet when baked."

If so, is there anything in particular about the name of the potato or source? If so, then I could ask a produce manager to order the specific variety of purple sweet potato described in that article. Otherwise I don't think I will keep eating the dry, bland tasting ones I keep ending up with.