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Thread: Brooke... One day at a time. Well maybe. :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by brooke.S. View Post
    I guess the bananas being more starch.

    All my Primal-Peat MDA friends- I just got to help a lady that's in a thyroid facebook group with me. She made a post asking why her fasting blood glucose was always elevated cos' she eats VLC gluten and grain free diet... I surely let her know and I linked some Ray Peat stuff. I was thinking that y'all would be so proud of me.

    She's going to try adding in more fruits. Considering that she has major thyroid issues and is not optimized on thyroid meds, low carb is not the answer.

    Good work!
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    I went to my doctor today about the labs I had done a few weeks ago. My testosterone is good, progesterone on the low end of good and estrogen is really low. She talked about hormone replacement. I asked her about bio-identical. She's going to call the local compounding pharmacy and see what they can do. I'm going back next week for my female exam. Ugggg. lol

    She did say that she can't totally rule out PCOS until I have an ultrasound but that it doesn't look like I do. I went ahead and started the Metformin just because I wanted to try it for a couple of months. It's only 500mg so I haven't experienced any stomach problems... It's only been a couple of days. I'm just hoping it will help bring me more balance. I decided to take it after reading an article Robb Wolf did on it.

    Otherwise, she said most everything else looked great- kidneys, cholesterol, triglycerides. My liver enzymes were slightly elevated so I'll have those tested often to keep an eye on them. I've added about 1 tsp pink salt daily so my salt levels should be better... and I've cut way back on the potassium No-Salt.

    I'm taking Vitex and Thorne adrenal cortex when I first wake up in the morning. I'm saving my Knox until night time because I wanted to see if it effected my cortisol at all. Something I read mentioned that the glycine can lower cortisol. That's fine at night but not in the mornings at this point.

    I'm still on T3 only right now. I feel better than when on NDT even though my rT3 ratio wasn't bad.... OH... I didn't update that. My ratio was around 25. The ideal ratio is anything 20 or over.... so, according to that it's fine. I'm dosing the T3 5x a day.

    I have to believe that 3 months from now, THINGS IN MY LIFE WILL BE DRASTICALLY DIFFERENT! Like night and day. I feel so close to having resolution for all this hormonal stuff. I have hope and expectancy. That's a great feeling!

    I saved the best for last... I met a guy. It was from that phone call from a friend of mine, on the day that the predictions said I would meet somebody. We've gone out several times already. I have a wall that's pretty high but it's starting to come down, which is kinda scary. I don't think I've met anyone like him before. He knows how to treat me. I can tell he really likes me... and its nice to feel wanted. It's too soon to tell and I'm not in any hurry but we shall see....

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