Heller Everybody... my name is Brooke.

Some things about me.... I'm 32. I live in Tennessee, kinda close to Nashville. I'm single. I like to be prepared and plan ahead. I have 2 babies... I mean dogs. I love to travel, even if it's just a day trip. I'm really like the "......" and you will see that a lot in my posts. lol I have type 1 diabetes and am hypothyroid (hashimotos). I started eating paleo about a year and 1/2 ago.

My weight was between 132-135 and it was getting hard to maintain my weight eating 1300-1600 cals each day (with one no-count day). I was also running at least 4 miles about 4x a week and strength training (lighter weights) about 2x a week. The people I saw that ate paleo looked fit and healthy so I did some research and saw how beneficial it was for type 1 diabetes. The transition was pretty easy, I had to cut out my Ezekiel wraps, fiber cereal, kashi bars... I don't really miss those. haha Oh yeah, and the wonderful fiber one bars and the Hood carb countdown milk! My dinners were already some kind of protein and veggies but I let go of the kraft ricotta and light sour cream... ewww... don't think I miss that either. And of course, no more going to the catfish restaurant and eating hushpuppies and coleslaw! I think I did miss that.

When I first started I was eating eggs, veggies, fruits, a little almond or sunflower seed butter and cooking with coconut or macadamia nut oil. I didn't micro manage much with macros at first. I felt great. people kept asking me what I was doing and I hadn't even lost weight. But maintaining was effortless. My calories most days were 1600-1800 and then a day where I would let loose and not count. THEN.... I went low carb, then VLC. I wanted to try it to see if my blood sugars would be more stable. Long story short, LC and VLC didn't work for me and things got worse with my thyroid. When things go worse with my thyroid, things also got worse with my blood sugar because my body needed more insulin.

So... that leads me to today. I eat around 150-250 carbs a day from fruit mostly. I get plenty of protein and my fat sources come from either pastured eggs, grass fed beef, goat milk or cheese, coconut products and sometimes macadamia nuts or oils (not often). I'm somewhat a Ray Peat fan these days and love a carrot salad. Especially what it seems to be doing for my body and hormones... but maybe it's in my head. haha

I use and insulin pump. Besides insulin the only other med I take is Naturethroid for my thyroid. Both the insulin and naturethroid are horomones so not "technically" a med.

My supplements are Magnesium Citrate, Tri-Chromium, NAC, Selenium, Niacinamide, D3 with K2 when needed and aspirin.

As of right now I'm up 8lbs from last May. I started gaining when my thyroid took a nose dive in June. I've been in a healing process and I feel better now and my thyroid levels are close to where they should be. I don't restrict as bad as I used to because it wore my body out. Right now I'm just trying to find some balance.

I'll probably post workouts, food, health updates and who knows what else.

*FYI* I refrain from saying... writing y'all in my posts on this forum but this is my journal and I'll say y'all if I want. Just a friendly warning.