While I would prefer meat to anything else, there are times where I don't feel like cooking. Greens have kind of failed me (or have I failed them?!) as no matter what I seem to buy, I'd rather pull out the pan and fry up some sausage then toss together a salad. Greens just kind of rot in the crisper D:

I generally only eat once per day on most days (no time before work, no desire/supplies at work), so in an effort to make sure I get my protein up, I've found myself consuming a lot of dairy lately. Milk at first, but now tending mostly towards yogurt, with occasional kefir. Heavy preference towards full fat yogurt (surprisingly difficult to find around here), without any additives. Going to be getting myself a slow cooker to make my own ASAP so I have a continual supply of the stuff.

Unfortunately all the organic milk around here is Ultra-Pasteurized, which I have read is really bad for yogurt making.

Recently reintroduced myself to the greek style stuff, though the only full fat greek style is Dannon, which has a poor reputation (and, so far, inconsistent flavor - one bucket was tart as regular yogurt but the one I have open now is sweet...weird).

Naturally, I'm going as close to the "organic" side as possible, as Stonyfield is basically best I can find so far.

I know yogurt is in a grey zone, but has anyone else found themselves keeping a considerable portion of their dietary protein and fat from yogurt? It is certainly cheap protein, even gram for gram I think - thereabouts $2.50 per pound.

Also, does that whole probiotic noise hold up in the primalsphere? Mark's posts seem to suggest it's largely bunk for doing anything to adults.