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Thread: So today I bought a rabbit...

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    Quote Originally Posted by andi View Post
    he's frozen, and I'm thinking about what I should do with it. Any ideas/suggestions? I'm thinking maybe a stew of sorts, hmm (I also named him snowflake).

    My pet rabbit from childhood's name was Snowflakes. You MUST choose a new name.
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    Quote Originally Posted by andi View Post
    My dad's friend knows a lot of local farmers here in Vancouver. We have quite good access to fresh produce, eggs, bees (yay, honey!) and goats, so I think it wouldn't be too hard to find some. Is it a meat that sears nicely? Or is it leaner and should be made with a sauce?
    I've found that goat meat can be a bit rubbery and tough if not braised or simmered over a long time (8 hrs+). Usually, I brown all sides of the meat and then put it in the crock pot with root vegetables, spices, good amount of seasoning, and beef stock. Always comes out falling-off-the-bone tender and extremely flavorful. Served over cauliflower "rice"........
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    With pigs liver and seasonings etc rabbit makes a DELICIOUS pate...

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