I've noticed that my attitude towards food has massively changed since going Primal.

1.- My eating-disorder-mind doesn't activate before every meal.
Sadly, it's chosen carbs as its next target, but at least it's mostly quiet. I sometimes worry before a HUGE potato (600g+), but, otherwise, it's a far quieter voice than my anti-fat one was.

2.- I used to look for foods that were low in kcals and buy the cheapest ones in bulk as my 'staples'.
Now I look for whatever offers the most kcals per pound () and per pound (lb). Within whole foods, of course, but I find my staples have went from fat-free yoghurt, greens and low-kcal foods to butter, potatoes and fish. Eggs were staples both times.

3.- I no longer take pride in 'vegetarian days'.
I still have them. When I don't feel like flesh, I abstain. But it's no longer something to be proud of. It's plain neutral. I'm eating what my body needs. That matters more than specifically what it is I'm eating.

4.- I don't consider feasting on meat a 'binge' anymore.
Due to the above.

5.- I don't worry when I skip meals.
I used to REALLY panic when I skipped a meal. I'd get worried and the worry would make me hungry, even when I wasn't physically hungry. Now I barely notice. If I'm not hungry, I don't eat.

6.- I don't jump at the opportunity for free-food anymore.
I always have to check what it is. I don't stress over it, I just don't get a knee-jerk 'let's go!' reaction.

Things that haven't changed:
1.- When I go to an all-you-can-eat, it's all-I-can-eat. Period.

2.- I feel guilty after eating something 'bad'. Most of the time it causes me physical pain. But I feel bad even when it doesn't. I'm slowly letting go of that one, but learning more about my body really helps. I only felt bad for the first slice of gram-fruitcake yesterday. Once I noticed it hadn't physically hurt me, the second one went in fine. No guilt.

In what ways have YOUR food philosophies (/not) changed?