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Thread: Ways your food philosophy has changed.

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    I think I've had a lot of similar ones to you, Kochin.

    1.- My eating-disorder-mind doesn't activate before every meal.
    I feel a lot more calm around food myself. I don't feel bad about eating a nourishing meal. I feel good about it.

    2.- I used to look for foods that were low in kcals and buy the cheapest ones in bulk as my 'staples'.
    I used to believe that I should try not to eat any real food until dinner time. The stupid result of that was I ate junk during the day and dinner was the only meal with actual food in it. Now I eat real food at every meal. My staples are roots, leaves and meat.

    3.- I no longer take pride in 'vegetarian days'.
    Me neither! They are a disappointment.

    4.- I don't consider feasting on meat a 'binge' anymore.
    Me neither! I used to think meat was nutritionally void. How wrong I was! I consider it my duty to myself to eat meat at nearly every meal.

    5.- I don't worry when I skip meals.
    I don't skip meals often, but I don't worry so much either.

    6.- I don't jump at the opportunity for free-food anymore.
    I turn it down almost all the time because it's almost always crap.

    Things that haven't changed:
    1.- When I go to an all-you-can-eat, it's all-I-can-eat. Period.
    Oh yeah, I eat big at all-you-can-eat situations. Unless there's nothing to eat, then I'm very disappointed. I'll eat a huge pile of olives and cheese if I have to.

    2.- I feel guilty after eating something 'bad'.
    I get this less, but yeah, I still feel this from time-to-time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Badkty22 View Post
    - I'm much more willing to take risks with food. I used to be a fairly picky eater, pre-Primal I had a friend kind of beat that out of me (she ate everything and didn't tolerate picky people). Going Primal made me even more willing to try things that before I would have absolutely turned my nose up at.

    - I no longer carry "emergency snacks" with me. I don't get the shaky-hungry feeling ever anymore.

    - I eat a lot more veggies than I did before, including such avowed enemies as Brussels Sprouts.

    - I read labels. A lot.

    - I'm in a desert wasteland, but I am actively trying to cultivate sources of quality meats, both for my health and the well-being of the animals. Have a great source of GF beef, looking for pork next...
    Avoiding the shaky-hungry feeling is one of my favorites! I used to feel like that 2 or three times a day. It's so much easier to think clearly and rationally about food (and everything) when my brain and body are working properly.

    I wonder how much of my improvement with food neuroses have to do with my brain working normally. It's not a magic bullet, but it has made a big difference.

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    I rarely eat food that I don't make myself. The food I make is generally far better tasting and more nutritious than anything I can get eating out.

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    I always "believed" in the importance of eating right. Now I "know" it.

    Of course, my understanding of what eating right means has changed.

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