For those un-aware, 'yet more' implies I have posted Iranian food before, 'Herb Omlette' being the recipe. This one is another egg based recipe, called (clear your throat) 'Mirza Ghassemi'. After spitting out the phlegm, read on for ingredients:

Serves 2
2 Aubergine
4 Eggs
50g butter
6 Cloves garlic
Turmeric+Pepper to taste,
Blanched tomato

-Bake the aubergine until the skin hardens up and it goes squishy on the inside.
-Wait till it cools, (or burn your hands) then scrape the flesh and put it in a suitable bowl to mash it.
-Mash it.
-Melt butter and fry onions and garlic till it goes translucent
-Add aubergine, tomato and spices and fry over low heat for about 5 minutes
-Add the eggs and stir gently until they just start to solidify.

Serve with salad, or vegetables.

BTW, not that I think you obliged to respond in the comments, but would more people appreciate Middle eastern inspired recipes here? A lot of all proper middle eastern cuisine is paleo/primal, and should always be made with fresh ingredients.