On the Jimmy Moore show he talked about saturated fat and how it slowed down weight loss and recommended instead have monounsaturated fat instead i think, when switching from high carb lifestyle diet to low carb higher fat diet because saturated fat was harder to burn in the initial diet change first 4-5 weeks, but he never explained if he still recommended less saturated fat in your diet if you were over weight and trying to lose weight overall, after the 4-5 weeks.

He gave a example of if someone wanted to lose weight before a holiday, where he said eat less saturated fat, but i'm not even sure if he recommended more monounsaturated fat instead, because he states to really keep protein very low, so low protein low carbs which fat does he recommend after the first 4-5 weeks, anyone have idea regarding this?

Link to interview 365: World-Renowned Low-Carb Physician Dr. Ron Rosedale | The Livin La Vida Low-Carb Show