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Thread: Ron Rosedale interview confusing regarding saturated fat

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    I haven't seen the interview but there is mention here of the person referring to people who want to 'loose weight before a holiday'. IMO this is the main problem here - appealing to people's panicky desire to loose weight quickly - it's part of the psychology of crash dieting, and isn't going to help you.

    The conclusion I came to when reading about sat fats on here, was that they are pretty essential. Of course in reasonable amounts - too much of anything isn't going to be good, but the body knows what to do with them.
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    I disagree with Dr. Rosedale on this. I read his book and listened to this interview and I just don't worry about satfat. I would worry about eliminating ALL omega 6 pufas except those in nuts. Rosedale says he eats a lot of nuts, BTW.

    I love satfats and monofats. Can't get enough grass fed butter, coconut oil, palm oil, animal thing isn't great is factory farmed animal fat, so I try to go with grassfed and pastured animal meat and fat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sting View Post
    On the Jimmy Moore show he talked about saturated fat and how it slowed down weight loss and recommended instead have monounsaturated fat instead i think, when switching from high carb lifestyle diet to low carb higher fat diet because saturated fat was harder to burn in the initial diet change first 4-5 weeks,
    @Richard : I dont think that Rosedale is at all anti satfat, he is just talking about easing the transition away from a carb burning metabolism.

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    Reading something very interesting from Dr. Eades blog

    What about fat? If there is a lot of fat in the blood as a result of fat in the diet, wouldn’t that fat get into the fat cell? If so, then doesn’t dietary fat lead to fat?

    A good question, but the answer is no. Type I diabetics can have a lot of fat in their diets and in their blood, but if they have no insulin, they can’t store that fat.
    My initial thoughts are overeating fats say your BMI says to eat 2000 calories a day OK calories aren't all equal i understand this, but if you consume triple the amount of calories you should and 90% being from saturated fat imo you would gain weight, a lot of people have to count calories even when eating a KD, some don't have to count some do. but i am wondering if Dr, Eades comments re type 1 are true?

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