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Thread: intermittent fasting vs more meals a day

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    intermittent fasting vs more meals a day

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    Not sure about what links i can post but if you Google "Healthy Snacks Satisfy Cravings, Boost Metabolic Rate, Speed Weight Loss and Improve Blood Glucose" seems a interesting read against intermittent fasting thoughts?

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    One link at a time. Nobody is gonna take the time to argue against a thousand random (999 not even useful) google hits.

    Here is one for you though Cogito Ergo Edo | I think, therefore, I eat!

    Then there is Pklopps 3 part fasting series right here on MDA if you search for it.

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    People keep trying to attach numbers to eating and metabolic efficiency. "Eat this much, don't eat for this many hours, this many portions, that ratio, this percentage..."

    What's to say both methods wouldn't work?

    Eat when you're hungry. Sometimes you might snack, sometimes you might fast. I don't see a reason to keep track. Our digestive tracks evolved way before our brains started counting things.
    Stumbled into Primal due to food allergies, and subsequent elimination of non-primal foods.

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