I have been eating Paleo off and on for a year but decided to stop hopping on and off the wagon a month ago. Feeling fantastic, doing it right this time! I am sure I wasn't eating enough fat during my earlier attempts.

Have DH (mostly) on board and am trying to get the kids switched over slowly. All the kids are autistic.

Oldest son (17) is very high functioning and will eat pretty much what you put in front of him as long as long as he can have 18% cream and white sugar for his coffee. He also has a job so buys his own cereal and other crap, nothing I can do about that.

Middle son (7) is low functioning (GAF score of 40/100), daughter (4) is in the process of being assessed but I believe she will come out closer to her older brother on the spectrum.

The two younger kids are crazy picky eaters. They both have a list of around 15 foods that they will eat. Not the same 15 mind you. So I've trimmed out the non-Paleo foods and am left with:


Beef Jerky
Fruit (apples, watermelon, bananas, pears)
Plain chicken
Greek yogurt (must be a sweetened and flavoured variety but whole fat and organic is acceptable to him.)


Farmer's sausage
Fruit (cherries, strawberries, bananas, kiwis)
Greek yogurt (Same as her brother)
A few bites of very plain chicken

So any advice from ASD parents? Where do I go from here? They will both eat gluten free pasta, pretzels and cereals as well as rice and corn and Butterball Turkey hot dogs (no other brand, they can smell the difference).