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Thread: Omega 3,6,9 Capsules

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    Omega 3,6,9 Capsules

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    I have a huge bottle of these pills that I actually give to my dog but since I'm going to start taking fish oil in hopes that it helps with my creaky, cracky knees and ankles I was hoping I could polish this bottle off before purchasing straight O'3 caps.

    The label reads - 2 Softgels = Fish Oil 800mg Flaxseed Oil 800mg Essential Oil Blend (Primrose, Black Current & Borage) 400 mg
    EPA =264mg
    DHA 176mg
    Linoleic Acid = 377mg
    Gamma Linoelic Acid=56mg
    Oleic Acid = 213mg

    The label says take 2 daily but should I take more?

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    Getting linoleic acid along with your omega 3 is kind of counterproductive unless you're really starving for omega 6 (ha!) but it does have some GLA in there so that will be mitigated a bit. I think that dosage should be at least 3g of combined EPA and DHA if you aren't getting any from other sources. At that dose with those capsules you're also getting potent linoleic acid which is detrimental so it's up to you. Definitely better than no omega 3 at all but fish oil by itself would be better.
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