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I generally eat 100-120g carbs a day, so the specifics of my diet probably won't be helpful, but maybe the trajectory of weightloss/appetite may be.

I found that as my weight approached the top of the normal weight range (142lbs at my height), I got a lot hungrier. I think I was burning body fat pretty easily when I had it and then my body noticed when supplies got significantly lower. I also thought I was getting pretty saggy and deflated looking (probably due to loss of lean mass, hard to avoid when you're aggressively losing) so I made a deliberate decision not to stress over slower weight loss. The next 20 lbs took as long as the first 50. The increased appetite was a little stressful, mentally, but once I saw weightloss didn't come to a dead stop, I relaxed a bit.

I think if you stay focused on managing your BG over everything else, you'll probably make "smart" choices.
Thanks Laura that's really useful