I have visited the forums many times before, but never actually registered. Today however I need some help with going/staying Primal.

My problem is as follows: I/we (a family of 4 - Mom and Dad + 1 toddler and 1 baby) have a very very tight budget - meaning, it would be very tight for a 'normal' grocery shop, let alone a primal one. However, I would really, really like to eat primal. I have gone primal before, and felt a lot better and on a CW diet. To some extent, I *need* to eat primal, as I urgently need more energy - to care for the children and then work when they sleep in the evening, as we need the income.

So I would like to ask seasoned Groks what to buy in order to get 'the most bang for my bucks'. How to create a very cheap, yet primal/primalish menu? What can I sacrifice (eg organic vegs, or pastured chicken, or...?)?

Thanks in advance for your help!