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Thread: Fasting after cardio/workout?

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    I typically go anywhere from 5 to 6 hours without eating after my workouts...sometimes longer. Working out is a natural appetite supressant so it just doesn't feel right to cram some food down just for the sake of injesting something an hour afterwards. I'm not too fussy about meal timing. I have been leaning out and slowly gaining muscle while doing this. I haven't noticed any drawbacks myself.

    You won't lose muscle from not eating afterwards. You'll start to lose muscle if you reach the 72 hour mark without injesting any calories but I don't think you're doing that.
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    I usually hit the gym on a weekend morning. I skip breakfast, hit the gym work out out on a 12 to 18 hour fast then go home for brunch.

    The day I work out is often my highest day when it comes to eating and racking up the calories.

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