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Thread: Former Vegan Meets Grok

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    I agree that the dark side feels real good. I used to love eating big burgers on giant onion buns. Now I don't even think about adding a bun. If you flavor the meat correctly, it helps out alot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by little.owl View Post
    It's been strange to transition so easily. The first time I ate dairy, I expected to be sick for days ... but I didn't have a single moment of stomach upset. It gave me the confidence to try all animal products in a week (eggs, dairy, and meat) and I didn't feel sick at all.

    At home, my partner and I are focusing as strictly as we can on local, organic, humane animal products. It's going to up the grocery bill a bit, but for the first time since we started dating, we can actually share a meal. (:
    Interestingly ( though not surprisingly) animal products you now eat but haven't eaten in years don't make you feel sick.

    I think after purely eating like this for a few months if you tried to eat rice, crackers, legumes/beans etc I wonder if you would have zero stomach upsets (I wouldn't bet on it).

    Many friends have reported upsets when re-trying these 'health foods' ( perhaps they contain toxins :-o ).

    Anyway welcome.

    Ps. It just might fix your back issues - it did for me ( I think it was those darn toxins )
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    I was astonished, but it makes sense. I spent a long time believing I had a lactose sensitivity because I noticed stomach upset after certain meals, so that was one of my stand-by arguments when I explained why I was vegan. Now I'm wondering what else I was eating with the dairy that *actually* caused those stomach upsets.

    I cheated this weekend--it started with a social situation where I felt guilty refusing a bagel, and I also ended up having some ice cream the next day. The bagel made me feel bloated and awful, and the ice cream (while delicious) led to an energy crash and irritability. Within two hours of the ice cream I was very tired and my mood had deteriorated so I was snapping at my boyfriend for no reason. I had suspected this mood-food link before, but the ice cream adventure confirmed it.

    I am not allowing myself to feel guilty about "cheating" because food guilt and disordered eating patterns and I have a history, but I've definitely noticed how those sugary, carby foods affected my body. I never noticed before because I was caught in the wheat-and-sugar cycle. But the good thing is that "cheating" isn't an excuse to go off track because this is a lifestyle, not a diet. It's just confirmation that the primal diet is doing something awesome in my body!

    Thank you for the encouragement (: I hope it helps with my back! Once I am fully a fat-burning beast (I'll get there!) and my body is in full working order it makes sense that I should look forward to a bit less pain and stress ... here's hoping (:

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