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Thread: help with lipid interpretation please? (and a testament to Primal)

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    help with lipid interpretation please? (and a testament to Primal)

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    Hey all - can I get a 2nd opinion on my lipids? They look good to me, but I want to make sure I'm not missing anything.

    After running some calculations based on Griff's awesome Cholesterol primer and am really pleased - especially since I've really only been staying Primal (diet-wise) about 75% of the time lately. But instead of getting cocky and going down to 50%, I am going to try and see where 90% gets me in a year.

    It looks like even though my total cholesterol has crept up under Primal (which I started in 2011), my trigs are much better, and my LDL/HDL ratios are also much better. The 2006 numbers reflect strict low-carb and chronic cardio, and 2009 reflects eating whatever the hell I wanted plus chronic cardio.


    chol history.jpg
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