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Thread: Good steak, how to do it justice?

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    i'm nowhere near that technical. i hide behind the fact that cooking is an art not a science. i did have a little nifty glossy piece of paper with pics on i got from by the checkouts in new world which had how many minutes for things like rare and medium rare so it may be worth looking for one of them next time you go shopping.

    i have a gas cooker and a cast iron pan. heat the pan real hot. throw some fat in. then the steak. the most important bit is to brown each side before you turn it. if it is a fillet steak or a bit thicker cut, i sometimes put a metal lid off one of my roasting dishes over the pan to keep the heat in. from memory, it was 2 mins per side for rare, 4 for medium rare etc. it is a total hassle trying to set timers and watching them so i never bothered. i just keep turning it every now and then till it is what i consider to be done. i usually have rare to medium rare. all the kids like theirs not to bleed on the plate. so mine rests while i finish theirs.

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    Important thing is to bring the meat to room temperature before grilling. Also, season the meat fairly liberally with good quality salt about 40 min before grilling. Don't apply black pepper to the meat before grilling, it's burns on the BBQ.

    I like my steaks on the medium-rare side. I'm assuming you have 1.5" thick steaks. After you have a nice layer of hot coals evenly on your BBQ, place the meat on and grill for 2.5 min.

    Turn the meat 1/4 way to get nice cross marks and grill for another 2.5 min.

    Flip the meat over and grill for an additional 4-5 min. Let rest for 10 min under foil, add cracked black pepper if desired.

    Enjoy. (don't forget the red wine)

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    Good quality beef is a lot more forgiving than your average grocery store stuff, so that's a bonus. But I think your expectations will dramatically affect how happy you are with what you end up with. I'm OK with anything from medium to rare so long as the outside has a bit of char on it. A thicker piece (1.5-2 inches) gives a little more leeway. A thinner piece requires a little more finesse. We always do steak on a charcoal grill because that's what we're used to. A skillet would require a bit of practice to get the feel for it. So long as you're willing to experiment, you can definitely find a technique that satisfies you.
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    When I do steak in the oven, it's usually like this:

    I take a fork and stab the steak repeatedly on both sides, to tenderize.
    I coat the steak in balsamic vinegar, then spices (typically I use a mix like Chicago Steak Seasoning)
    Pop into oven on broil - broil each side 'til the fat is golden brown.
    If it's a thin steak, it's done now.
    If it's a thick steak, turn the oven off but leave the steaks in and let the heat finish them. How long depends on how thick. 2-10 minutes. After a while you get a feel for it.
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    I always love reading these threads, do x,y,and zand hold your tongue just right for the "perfect steak".
    And "never" to "this"!

    I'm glad my steak tastes run a little simpler.
    For me, good quality meat, HIGH heat because I like it seared/crusted but extremely rare, bone in preferred- again because I like it really extremely rare(and who doesn't love chewing on that bone!). The end. Yum.

    That link is spot on Kitoi.
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    Don't cook it at all, just eat it like nature intended.

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    Rub with salt and butter, then do as Anthony said. Minus the letting it come to room temp, ain't nobody got time for that. :P I usually prefer mine at about 135 degrees.

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    Pittsburgh black and blue with just salt and pepper. Top it with a pat of butter to finish.

    Extra points awarded if you know how to set up a charcoal grill for same outcome and extra flava.

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