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    Quote Originally Posted by Cathartes View Post
    There's probably a great market opportunity in a Primal/Paleo dating community. No more S.O.s stocking the cabinets with twinkies, a shared bond over grassfed beef and pastured butter--sounds like true love to me! Mark should definitely get on that, lol.
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    I have gone on a couple of dates through various websites. I did not find any connection as we had different interests. So much for the matching algorithm.
    There are lots of inactive profiles on these websites too. I am giving speed dating another try. Anyone have success with that?

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    Online dating:

    damn, i wish you was my big toe... so i could bang you on my coffee table

    ay girl, r u a beaver? cause dam

    ey bby i put the STD in stud and all i need is U

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    Online dating is easy. Especially for girls. Just put an attractive picture of yourself and make your bio unique. That's the key. Don't be lame or boring like every other guy or girl out there.
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