Strolling down the supermarket isle; I see "Heart to Heart" Cereal; with pictures of little hearts on the package and the Official seal of the American Heart AssociationŽ Must be healthy.

What is the implication here; that this cereal is heart healthy. It was a high carb oat cereal; perhaps 30 grams per serving of carbs. Raise your blood sugar more than a candy bar; high glycemic index. But "healthy".

Another isle; was selling "Wheat Thins". What does the word thin imply; - diet food; eat this and you'll be thin. No. Read Wheat Belly.

Its just incredible how the marketers are able to sell cheap fattening carbohydrates; which raise blood sugar; and don't induce proper satiety; as "heart healthy" diet foods.

What other examples have YOU seen in the market?