I've realized something.

Eating out just isn't a super fun experience anymore.

* Quality of ingredients: I use the best quality. Restaurants generally don't use as good stuff. I can really tell now (before I was clueless).
* Complicating food: perhaps because of the above they add sauces, breading, to fix the lack of flavor and "wow" the customer. Too many ingredients. So hard to find a simple plate and food.
* Just don't feel good: perhaps because of all these complicated ingredients I generally don't feel great after. I theorize my body is now used to very clean combinations (meat, vegi, clarified butter, salt, done) and has become sensitive to contaminants? Too much sugar, vegi oil, or who knows what in there.

Anyhow, I only bother going out now if it is supposed to be a great restaurant. But I often find myself feeling rather disgusted by the experience and wondering why I didn't just cook up a fantastic feast at home.

Anyone know what I'm talking about?