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Thread: Results? or placebo effect?

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    Results? or placebo effect?

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    I've been following about 1 week, maybe 60% primal? I ate half a sandwich yesterday, burrito the day before, stuff like that, but lots more meat broth & eggs & fish and plenty of meals with no grain. Anyway, there have been a couple of things I've noticed.
    I feel stronger - my uphill bike ride to school felt less exhausting than usual. I felt strong at paddling practice yesterday even though I'd eaten way fewer calories than I normally would during the day. (Still wiped out in the 2nd half, but no more than usual.)
    Hunger is different. I feel hungry, but I don't feel irritable, ravenous, light-headed like I usually do. Could I finally be dealing with my low-blood-sugar problem???
    Anyway if this is for real I am totally stoked.

    ps last week could not do one normal full pushup - last weekend did 2 - time for another test.

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    Awesome results! I think they're definitely not just from a placebo effect. Most people here, myself definitely included, have noticed the change in hunger from a "FEED ME NOW!!!" and feeling like crap until I do to a "I could go for some food at some point in the near future" and feeling fine if I wait for a few more hours. I really like that, especially how it makes fasting so easy.

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