I have been trying to formulate the most convenient, cheapest low carb primal diet, which covers the most important nutritional needs of the human. I'm not interested in people posting stuff about 'well you should just eat a variety of foods' and then list all the various great foods that could be incorporated for maximum health benefits. As simple and time/cost effective as possible is what interests me. Here is what I came up with-

Fats, Proteins and animal based nutrients-

Butter/Olive Oil/Coconut Oil
Bacon/Sausage/Beef Burger (with no extra fillers)
High grade dark chocolate
Tinned tuna

Fibre and all the other necessary minerals vits etc. etc.-

Blended frozen raw spinach & berries smoothies
Big bags of mixed raw nuts

and cups of instant coffee with coconut milk.

To me that seems to satisfy all the nutritional needs. It's also probably the cheapest way to do so, as far as I can tell (I'm currently a skint student with a messy kitchen and not enough time). All you need is a frying pan and a blender.

Also to note- from the research I have done I can't really see any point in carbohydrates. They serve a purpose as a vessel for some good nutrients, but the actually carbs don't seem to offer anything. So as I said low carb, nutrient dense and cheap is the order of the day here.

Feel free to pick holes in the ultra basic diet, that's the point of this post after all.