'Do you keep a journal?' So I make my first entry to-day." H.D. Thoreau

Welcome to my corner of Marks Daily Apple!

Not a bad Idea really, keeping a personal journal about eating, primal living, dieting, training and whatever comes to my mind! So, why have I not done this before? Laziness probably and why create a public journal where everybody can discover my “secrets” misuse them and make fun of me? Alright, I have written enough in other threads so the damage has already happened, so I’ll better keep more of it in one place hereafter!

Some information about myself: male, 50 years of age, living 200 yards from the Pacific Ocean in the “middle-of-the-world”, Ecuador, South America. English is not my primary language, so there may be lots of “flaws” in grammar here and there, since I skulked too many of the English language classes as a youth! And beware; some of my postings are not for the “faint-hearted”, since I am often sarcastic, ironic, or joking, especially when I am trying to make a point – but I am never trolling or arguing against better knowledge.

My number one interest in life is chasing the good feeling – so if a training protocol or a diet does make me feel crappy, then I’ll turn around and adjust some of the parameters! Time spent by working out should make us feel immediately refreshed and not crappy. Number two and a “derivate” of feeling good is the search for a good health. And third, looking good the least important as such, but most people will look good if they generally feel good and are healthy, so my interests are interrelated here.

My bodyweight at the moment is around 215 pound, and I reached my max body weight EVER at the end of 2011 at 246 pound after letting myself go for some years, so in the beginning of 2012 I started dieting down, using various tools like low carbs dieting, cyclical ketonic dieting with carb loading, and for a month I did an egg and potatoes diet which was basically a cyclical ketonic diet and I finally got down to 198 pound with some muscle loss in the end of 2012, and since then I have rebounded up to around 215 pound where I am now. My body-composition is better now though, than when I was at the same weight in the autumn of 2012, so I obviously must have some muscle gains along the way.

This is how my torso look today - hoorah! - I can still see my abs after gaining so much weigth lately:


So, then I made my first entry of this Journal…