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    Macros/Numbers and how to hit them?

    Primal Fuel
    Hey - I am experimenting a bit with diet. We are the N1 after all!

    Anyway - wanted to know if anyone uses macros and how they plan their food to hit those numbers? I am struggling to understand how to consistantly hit numbers when planning meals. If anyone does this, and could take the time to walk me through it, I'd appreciate it. Thank-you!

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    Adventures in Macro-Nutrient Land - Weston A Price Foundation

    A great article. Note, though, that what is said about Cordain and paleo is dated and doesn't reflect paleo now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shanster View Post
    I am struggling to understand how to consistantly hit numbers when planning meals.
    I don't think this is normal or necessary unless you have a medical necessity. The body's activity and requirements are not the same every day.

    USDA has a database for checking individual foods.

    Lots of: urban hiking, cycling, sprinting
    Lots of: fresh meat, seafood, eggs, organs, tubers, starch fruits, vegetables, meat fat, dairy fat, oil fruits
    Some: cured meat, dairy protein, sweet fruits, rice, pulses, tree nuts, oil seeds
    Minimal: soy, refined proteins, sugar, liquid carbohydrate, grains, refined oils, peanuts

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