I'm new to the forum. My quick story is that June 1st 2012 I decided to kick off an experiment with a very low-carb diet (I heard about it on the TWiT.tv podcast "Security Now").
At that stage I was almost 27y/o, 185cm and 123.5kg. Turns out the experiment worked, because today - a full year later, I'm still eating very low-carb, with an eye to adding a paleo/primal twist into it. I'm now at 82.4kg (that's a loss of 41kg!) 4 months ago I kicked off Intermittent Fasting, and began eating only 1 meal per day (dinner). And this is real one-meal-per-day, unlike those "cram your face full during a 4 hour period", I literally eat only dinner. The only other thing I put in my mouth outside of dinner time is lots of water.
So after a year, and only having my objective metrics (body weight, body measurements) and subjective metrics (amount of energy, lack of cravings, feeling of wellness) I thought it time to get a blood test. I've done just that and have a copy of the results - but now I don't know how to go about interpreting them. Other than my doctor stating "your cholesterol is literally the best I have ever seen in Australia" - he didn't really go into much detail other than advising I'm now a picture of health, and then confusing me by saying that although I now had great health, I should start eating bread and other carbohydrates every day, three meals a day - to keep my insulin in check (of all things - right!!!?)

So, I'm more than happy to post up my results here, or anywhere that someone can help me read into them and work towards improving whatever needs improving, through diet and lifestyle.