I came to paleo eating about a year ago -- not to lose weight (I was already in great shape, athletic, and lean from constantly counting calories) but to learn more about nutrition and discover a more effortless way of eating (with less counting).

I'm honestly starting to grow a bit weary, though. I appreciate the wealth of nutritional knowledge I've picked up, but I've only gained weight (not much, but a few pounds) since abandoning calorie counting and taking up paleo.

I'd like to transition back into a whole foods diet with fewer restrictions, because it seems like the paleo "rules" have triggered some orthorexic behaviors in me. This would mean probably reducing my fat, and adding in things like rice cakes which I genuinely enjoy but which the paleo community turns its nose up at. I've literally been told by someone on a paleo forum that rice cakes will make me fat, which is the most ludicrous, idiotic thing I've ever heard. When I asked him where he got that idea, he simply replied "it's not paleo".

I guess what I'm saying is -- paleo taught me some great things about nutrition, not fearing fat, choosing whole foods, etc... but it's not the only way to maintain one's weight (in fact -- correct me if I'm wrong -- it seems to be more aimed at health and longevity than weight). I feel I can safely make a few modifications that go against the paleo rules without blowing up like a balloon -- I know because was lean and fit for years before going paleo.

I guess this was more of a rant than a question... but any thoughts/opinions are welcome.