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    Anyone know of Primal-friendly doctors in the Philadelphia area?

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    I visited a new doctor in the Philadelphia suburbs today due to stomach issues-and got the CW line of advice: don't eat much red meat, eat yogurt and plenty of easily digested white foods, etc. Yuck. Does anyone know of a Primal/Paleo-friendly doctor in the Philadelphia area?

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    my motivation

    Things I choose to let go:

    All grains - including rice
    Refined sugars
    Legumes - including peanut butter
    Nuts and nut butters
    Alcohol and soda
    Acidic foods, such as pineapple and tomato
    Coffee and tea
    White potato
    Dairy - including butter

    I'm choosing to do this......... I don't HAVE to.

    I'm doing this because I'm worth it - because I'm worthy - because I love myself.

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