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    Smile Alternative/ Primal fajita wrap?

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    I've been searching through here for the last half hour and i can't find it anywhere! Someone posted something about a recipe for a primal-style fajita wrap. Anyone seen it? kinda miss wrapping the whole package up in something (and lettuce leaves don't quite cut that feeling)

    please help!

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    First - I don't know of anything that's a good substitute.

    Second - when we go out for fajitas - I wrap the 1st one in a corn tortilla and eat the rest with a fork. It seems to be a good compromise.
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    Use wilted cabbage leaves. They are plenty big, and they don't take anything away from, or add too much to, the flavor of the fajitas. Just peel the largest outer leaves of the cabbage, and submerge them in a pot of simmering (lightly boiling) water. You can season the water, if you like, I just use salt, but the cabbage will take on some flavor from the water if you season it, just not very much.

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    I use iceberg lettuce leaves....yummity yum!

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    I use a fork....

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    I'm curious about making an almond flour tortilla. Almond flour is very similar to corn flour in some respects and may work. You might need some arrowroot. It would definitely need to be fried imo.

    But that's too much work for me, I just make mine into a BAS. mmmmmmmmmmmmm...

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