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    I've gotten very accustomed to having something sweet after my last meal. However, now that I'm tightening up my diet I would like to conquer that need/habit.

    Any advice?

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    Make some almond butter or get chocolate with over 80% of cocoa if you really need it, but it won't help your diet if you want to tighten up. And if you eat dessert only eat a little after your workouts then at least you're gonne refuel your muscles.

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    JMG, I was just like you pre-primal - I had to have something sweet after *every* meal, if the meal itself wasn't sweet. After going primal, fruit is enough to satisfy my sweet-tooth. Have some berries or low-sugar fruit on hand. My FAVORITE primal dessert is apple with almond butter - pure heaven!

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    Go fruit.

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    Florian - the body can process fat, stored and dietary, into ketones which fuel the muscles just as well as glycogen.

    You lousy kids! Get off my savannah!

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    Berries and cream do the trick for me that or a smoothie if I want more of an ice-cream like dessert.

    Everything in moderation. I too am a sugar addict but have found a certain sense of pride and satisfaction on those nights I just don't have anything after dinner. Just as Grok evolved so shall we! Hang in there!

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    I am still trying to get over my sugar cravings; sometimes fruit & such isn't enough. I know it isn't primal, but I have a stick of gum every now & then. Quitting bread cold turkey was easier

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    Try this extremely tasty treat:

    In a dish

    Slice up strawberries

    Add blueberries

    Combine and melt in microwave or if the room is warm enough it should combine very well without heating:

    1 TBS coconut butter (note, use butter not oil)

    Add TBS unsweetened cocoa

    stevia to taste

    Add coconut butter mixture to berries, toss to coat. If the berries are cold, the mixture will harden, otherwise you can do what I do-- pop in the fridge for just a minute.

    OMG I can't tell you how good this is.

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    I like to snack some 85% chocolate, some nuts or a nice fruit-coconut milk-cream in the evening after dinner. Adds some calories, makes sure I wont go to bed hungry and taste really nice

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    @Ecala it does sound yummy! Will try soooooon! ^^

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