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Thread: Best Time of the Day to Eat Carbs?

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    Best Time of the Day to Eat Carbs?

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    What is your opinion about carbs eaten in the morning versus evening. Is evening better to control the sugar spike that carbs can give (I am talking about primal carbs here like fruits, starchy veggies, honey, yogurt, nuts, etc). I have noticed that if I have carbs too early during the day I want to eat more and more carbs later on and sometimes this turns into carb binge.

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    I'd say best is mid day to evening because as soon as you introduce your body to carbs in the morning, your body naturally stops burning fat. Something my fiancÚ just taught me!

    I was excited to have 1/2 banana and a few strawberries but was "scolded" because of this very reason lol

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    I like to save my larger portions of carbs for after a workout. usually that is the mid-morning, so I would have a sweet potato with lunch.

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    Whenever you want to have carbs. It is largely irrelevant.

    Some people have them in the mornings for an energy boost, I personally eat them all in the evenings because it helps me sleep; then again, I eat once a day and often 300g+ carbs in a sitting.

    Whatever you like, basically.

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    I eat carbs at every meal. Potatoes, sweet potatoes, or fruit with breakfast. Fruit with lunch. And potatoes, sweet potatoes, or rice at dinner.

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