Hello everyone, I have a situation I've been seriously contemplating what to do. I'm 22 years old and recently had (in april) 4 wisdom teeth removed due to them being impacted, and causing cavities in some molars that the wisdom teeth crashed into. 6 teeth were removed, wisdom plus 2 molars. So I have one molar on the upper right of my mouth in the back, that has a hole in it, pretty big too. It was infected again at the end of may, so naturally went to the dentist...they gave me 150mg clindamycin for about 7 days, so I've been down that road before although I hate taking anti biotics, I did so with kefir and didn't have any noticeable ill effects, stomach wise mainly. I felt a lot better after my anti biotic rounds though it started up again, and my face began to hurt not badly just enough to notice, and the tooth is the only one in my mouth that I can feel like apparently there, it stands out among all others, and is sensitive to cold liquids (hurts a lot) . Back to the dentist, they think a root canal can save it, and at the time I'm thinking oh gee that sounds great saving all the teeth I can. I get on clindamycin again although aware of its most likely diminished or non existent effectiveness having just been on it. I tried garlic btw for natural anti biotic, It burns a ton , not that I minded. It just didn't really seem to work the magic and I took it just like you would anti biotic, frequently. Try to keep my mouth clean with baking soda, peroxide (although I have two bottom molars with amalgams in them so I am ..very wary about using peroxide anymore until some day when I can get the amalgams out) I take apple cider vinegar every now and then too. Diets pretty primal, or whole foods , teas, veggies, fruits, meats not grass fed but I'm working on it, farm eggs, wine, nuts, grass fed butter, actual dark chocolate etc... Anyways the question: to root canal or not to root canal meaning extraction, I've been thinking of what to do all day as my appointment for a consultation is tomorrow, I had the hole of the molar cleaned out a lil bit and they put something in there to close it up for the time being. It doesn't sit well with me to have an extra questionable substance in my mouth, as well as having a tooth that to me seems pretty dead, I'm thinking of having it extracted but I'm not sure if this is wise. Any thoughts , wisdom , advice would be really appreciated, and thanks for reading this question anyways if you did as non eloquently conveyed it was haha .