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Thread: is it ok to up fat content while decreasing carbs or is there a ratio? page 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by secret agent girl View Post
    What are you subtracting from total carbs to get a net figure?
    Some low carbers use net carb ( eg Atkins Diet)

    For example veg/fruit etc have a total carb which includes fibre carbs etc ( the idea is we cant break down the fibre carbs to get energy from them - so they pass through the system without adding any energy to the system - so don't need to be counted)

    Simple example:
    If a veg has 10g carbs and 4g of those are fibre then net = 10 -4 = 6g net

    Primal (Mark) - counts all carbs in his recommendations ( may be because its simpler in real life and it means people eat less seeing the higher conservative number)

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