Heads up: this comment is totally random and relatively pointless.

I just think it's funny that there's a sort of blanket recommendation that people who live in northern climates take supplemental D during the winter when, in the northeastern U.S., I'm pretty sure we get LESS sun in the summer. Yeah, it's warmer, but it's raining or overcast pretty much all the goddamn time. Or least enough of the goddamn time to make me wish September would hurry up and get here so the sun will come out! (Today is a nice exception. I'd ask summer to stay like this but every time I do that summer says FU, rolls in the clouds and jacks up the humidity 20%)

I hate summer. I swear, I think I actually get seasonal affective disorder from the shitty summer weather in this climate. I'm happy as a clam September-April, but come May I start getting anxious about the coming summer and then I'm a whiny PITA from June-August. I spend the season reading books set in places like Sweden or the Shetland Islands and fantasize about moving there. I recently applied to a job in Wyoming just because Cheyenne's NOT SO GODDAMN WET ALL THE TIME.

Yeah, this started as a random questioning of blanket supplement recommendations and turned into a full-on rant about summer. Sorry. Hopefully that got it out of my system for a while.