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    Smile Newbie who can't spell, LOL !

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    Hi all,

    Just registered on the forum today and quickly realized I'd spelt my forum name incorrectly adding in an extra ' H ', I've messaged the forum and asked that they change my name but if not then I'll have to live with it, LOL.

    Anyway I'm an old codger of 43 and I've worked out ever since I was 13.

    I've recently come down from a slightly podgy 215 lbs to my current weight of 178 ish.

    Looking forward to being a member on this forum and sharing tips and ideas.

    A recent pic of me:

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    Welcome. Nice pic, bro. I used to be a huge gym rat. Looking forward to going back.

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    Welcome! Btw I probably would have never noticed the misspelling of your username if you hadn't pointed it out lol

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    Ggo backk to schhool bro!
    Looking great. Next photo you'll be in Vibrams maybe? I'm an older codger of 49, way fitter now than ever (6'-2, 177), but not quite with your impressive guns.
    What's fun is that my son (11) is totally inspired to be big and strong--the kid did a 10-rep pullup set yesterday.
    Anyway, welcome.

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