So i've plateued a bit and decided to try eating low calories. I usually ate around 1600-1800 calories which was recommended based on my bmr and activity level. I eat around 1,000-1,100 calories now by cutting out lunch and not cooking with oils. It's been a week and i feel fine, i even feel leaner, but i don't think it's that much muscle loss because i exercise 3x a week. Has anyone eaten low calories long term before? I don't plan on eating this low forever, but i can continue doing this until i reach my goal. I eat more calories once a week, usually saturdays since i go out with friends.

Current meals:
Breakfast: 6 pasture raised eggs
Dinner: cod fish or salmon with 6 more eggs.

I used to eat a big salad for lunch. Also, the reason i add in eggs for dinner is because i can't eat beef, i don't like chicken, and wild fish can get pricey

Sorry forthe long post, but appreciate feedback, thanks!