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Thread: Who cares what this diet/lifestyle is called? Due to recent complaints... page 4

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    The next time someone asks me what I call my diet I'll tell them it's the "doctor mind blower."

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    The fact that it has an evolutionary basis is why it works. Thus I prefer "I practice the continuation of paleolithic nutrition".

    It's fun to say at parties.

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    I overhear so many straw-man massacres of Paleo.
    "they get parasites from all the raw meat and eggs"
    "sure they lose weight but so do meth addicts"
    "but this documentary showed fossil seed residues"

    At some point the terminology might become a fatal distraction--hard to discuss the merits of something when there's no common definition.

    Lots of: urban hiking, cycling, sprinting
    Lots of: fresh meat, seafood, eggs, organs, tubers, starch fruits, vegetables, meat fat, dairy fat, oil fruits
    Some: cured meat, dairy protein, sweet fruits, rice, pulses, tree nuts, oil seeds
    Minimal: soy, refined proteins, sugar, liquid carbohydrate, grains, refined oils, peanuts

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