I really, really don't care about the anthropological and other historically related reasons for eating this way.
After the TED talk about the Paleo diet, now there is a similar article in Scientific American.

And I really don't care.

What matters to me is that this works!

It makes me feel good!

So maybe there needs to be a name change, or maybe someone needs to define it in a different way.
(Not implying any criticism of Mark here, he's doing great work!)

What are the real ways of defining this diet?

To me:
Don't eat anything that has a negative effect on your body.
Don't eat to reward yourself.
Don't eat unless your hungry.

To me, sugar, grains, and an overabundance of carbs make me fat and lethargic.
I suspect processed foods do the same.
So I don't eat it.
I do believe there are some people that do OK while eating grains (there seems to be).
I don't think anyone does well eating sugar, but for some, maybe a little sugar now and then is OK (at least when they're young adults)?

So how about calling it the empirical diet?
Or your ideal diet?
Or just not calling it anything?

Does anyone have any ideas?

Note that I'm not trying to redefine anything here, I'm just throwing out ideas...