So here it is, even though i've been almost completely paleo/primal since last November apart from the odd treat here and there, I haven't lost any weight which I think is partly to do with not being able to exercise due to injury for some of it but also because my portions are too big. I do cycle to work and back everyday but it's only a flat 20-25 min cycle.

I'm struggling to eat out of sync as in, i'm having to eat three meals a day really because of work during the week, weekends is slightly different. Here's an example of my intake yesterday, and i'd appreciate some feedback as I think i'm eating way too much. Also, is anyone else having problems not frying stuff? We seem to pan fry so much more these days, with coconut oil obviously but still.

Breakfast: 2 x boiled eggs, slice of pork belly, big avocado

Lunch: roasted butternut squash, cabbage and bolognese (not huge portions)

Dinner: Piece of fish and stir fried vegetables

Snacks - 85% dark chocolate (half a bar) and a slice of paleo banana bread.

go on... shoot me down...