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Thread: Let's get back to Paleo/Primal training

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stacy15 View Post
    I might have not worded that the best... I agree that my time in gym helped me on trip. I would have been dying had I not been in some sort of good shape! And no way I could have helped carry what I did without strength training. I just went in thinking I was in good shape, and it set me back a few notches seeing how difficult it was!
    yeah, its funny how that works. nice job though. keep up the good work

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    Quote Originally Posted by not on the rug View Post
    you know what isn't "primal" (god I hate saying things like that) about movant? spending a gazillion dollars for someone to teach you how to jump over a log.
    Glad I finished my coffee before reading this. Would have been hard to explain why I needed to order a new keyboard.

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