Gross topic, yep. Hardly anybody seems to be afflicted with this, so I don't know who among you can relate.

I've heard--but by no means have verified--that ketosis can contribute to (or cause) leakygut via the reduction in mucus: the protective mucus layering in the stomach becomes reduced, and leakygut follows.

Is there any evidence for that? In my case I have had excessive phlegm production, or "sinus issues", for the past 15 years or so--basically as far back as I can remember; I'm 25 now. I had colic as a baby, but I don't know of anything specific that could have caused this.

Doctors have been unhelpful (one guy condescendingly said "well everyone gets mucus, it's a normal part of being human"). Yeah, but not to this extent; I can't go an hour without having to hawk up phlegm. This isn't very sexy. And it's interfering with the quality of my personal life and career--I have to give talks for over an hour and it gets tricky.

I've been on paleo for the past 2 years--pretty strictly so (absolutely no dairy)-- and it has helped the problem but has not eliminated it or reduced it to a level that's manageable. I'm in good shape physically, though I am prone to blotchy skin.

So I'm going to try ketosis. I started about a week ago, and I'm starting to feel pretty damn good from it, and the phlegm issue seems to have improved.

If you'll bear with me, I have a couple more questions.
Could a naturopath help me? Or an "allopathic" practitioner? The one naturopath I saw didn't seem to have a clue. Is it possible I have candida, or some kind of fungus or parasite, which is causing this?

I'd do anything to get this taken care of.

Any input, suggestions, ideas, are very welcome.