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    Try making some bone broth and having some every day. It made such a huge difference in my hair, skin and nails. I find coconut oil makes a big difference too - not necessarily applying it, but cooking with it. If you're using any seed oils, switch them out for CO and OO.

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    Almond oil is gentle to the skin, and good old lanolin is great but a bit sticky. I'd advise more fats and oil in the diet too, and at least 2 litres water daily.
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    I had dry skin issues before i went primal. upper arms, scalp, sides of nose, and a few random spots here and there. Nothing serious, but enough to be annoying when I'd get out of the shower and everything was flaking.

    I've stopped using soap/shampoo and that has definitely helped a lot. Any time I try using either, I step out of the shower flaking as before.

    Luke-warm rather than hot showers only helped a tiny bit. Coconut / olive oil are definitely useful topical applications, but they for sure are not solutions to the problem. I've tried tea tree/jojoba oil mixes for my scalp but that didn't seem to help any. I cut out nightshades for a few weeks but that didn't help any. I seem to notice more issues in the days after eating non-primal, so i try to focus on eating clean and that keeps everything in check for the most part

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    The biggest thing that improved my skin was installing a whole house water filtering system. Also eating more saturated fat has helped my ashy epidermis, mainly lard, butter and fatty meats.

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